The11,000ft slide

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Nothing like hanging out at 11,752 feet with three good friends. Well the mountain is called Timpanogos. Mount Timpanogos Trail from Timpooneke trailhead is a 7.5 mile trek one way. To hike to the peak of 11,752ft it takes about 3 to 4 hours up and about the same down depending on your skill set and fitness level. It was early spring the pass up American fork canyon just opened up. When we got to the base, well the parking lot at the Timpooneke campground. There was still snow around the parking lot and we knew it would get into some good snowpack when we got up higher.

Everyone who has been on this hike knows its rocky in spots, in the summer. Hiking in early spring, well you get into some snowy hairy spots. Nathan, Randy, Steve and I all jumped out of the truck at 5am and grabbed our packs. With a little stretching and limbering up we started our day up the mountain. The trail was packed down a bit. we were not the only hikers that was up here in the snowy mountains. We hiked in about the first hour getting to the first little valley and overlooking its beauty and magnificent views.

The cliffs with stunning ice sculptures hanging from them, with a small river running right down the valley of snow. A few deer was out on the hillside scrounging for food under the slowly melting snow.

After looking over the scenery for 10 minutes or so, we headed on. We hiked for about another hour before coming to the first test. once you clear the first incline and reach the cliffs you have a slight back and forth trail up to what I think is the toughest part. After this part of the hike. You have lunch and get your second wind. (Picture in the summer. Need to get to the top, to be at the base of Timp.

In the snow this trek is a bit rough and kind of dangerous. You have avalanche danger and the chance of slipping down the side of the mountain and having to climb back out. Then you also have to worry about the snow giving out from under you and falling down into a hole under the ice and snow. Where the water has melted the snow and ice away. Big boulders to freezing cold water to drop in. Sweet!

Getting to this spot we rested before attempting to hike any further. In our crazy fashion we opened up a bud light and tossed back a few. Hey having a nice cold beer in the mountains is actually very refreshing. We tossed back a few and had a snack. after another 20 minutes we began again. We got to this spot just before reaching the last valley at the base of the back side of Timp, where it got really slick. We caught up to a few people, they were about 100 yards ahead of us. Just then this lady lost her footing and slid down the side of the hill. Her husband went sliding down right behind her. lucky that the trail was a winding one. They ended up 200 yards back down the trail behind us. When we got to the spot they slid down Steve just about his footing and went down but Nathan and Randy pulled him up. We got past that part and got to the base of the back side of Timp. Now it was about lunch and the sun was getting pretty warm about now. So we decided to rest for about a hour, and eat lunch while playing around and in joying the majestic scenery, we heard a rumble off in the distance. It was a small avalanche but still cool to see. After that bit we stretched again and headed on up to the saddle. There you could see all across the valley of Utah County. both sides are amazing views. When we got there there were a surprising amount of people up there, twenty or more. Hanging out here for a few minutes and downing a few more beers. Right nothing like having a cold one at 11,000ft. It kind of felt crowded and the funny thing everyone was like look at those guys having a beer up here. So we headed the rest of the way to top. Tooo the shack lol. Not before getting a look at the glacier.

Then we will hit the shack at the peak 11,752'.

After Hanging out at the shack for 30 minutes or so we took to hiking over to the glacier. To get to the glacier you have to scale down a few cliffs and help others as they want to all go down the 11,000ft slide. Well some people. On this hike there were a few that wanted to follow us. It was there first time and they didn't know how to get to the glacier safely. Getting over there was a fun climbing down slick rock and helping a few people people not fall to there death. When we reached the top of the glacier there were two people there putting on gloves and plastic sacks. Scary, you want to slide but you don't want to slide at 80mph. Well if you do hell ya! Though on this day I decided to show how hayness I can be.( Hayness) Anything that happens by chance that is somewhat to extremely mind boggling.

2) Something that occurs that can be described only by few words.

As I walked up to them I said you don't need that and I put on my gloves and ran and jumped off of a 15' overhang of snow. landing on my ass I went into the slide with force. lucky I did have my gloves on. I tried and tried to steer myself though I ended up in someone's slide track and I could not get out. Needless to say it made me go a lot faster than I anticipated.

Well I ended up a ways down before I could stop myself. After I stopped all I heard was the 15 people up top screaming and cheering. Then one at a time they all came sliding down the beautiful 11,000ft high slide. A note in the late summer when the glacier snow is melted and you go this way its a big boulder field and not fun to go down. At the bottom of this section is a shack to get out of weather and relax in. with all the excitement we relaxed there for a couple hours and in joyed the company with nature a little longer. Heading down to the truck is always the hardest part though on this day most of the trip down was taking all the short cuts sliding down the snowy paths.

Thanks guys. Nothing like having good friends to share in your adventures. I hope all you have a wonderful adventure and be safe out there there can only be one scruff.

Thank you for you support.


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