My 5 best winter hikes in Utah.

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

We all love the outdoors. Though how many of us just do the easy hikes the ones were, ya we made it to the lake or our destination. But who took the other path the ones where people don't go or don't know.

1. Dry Creek North Mountain trail. Many know it as corner canyon in Alpine Utah. this place is beautiful in the summer and the winter it is amazing. Ff you go high enough to the water falls the ice and beauty of nature will take your breath away. The main trail is kind of a medium trail in the summer a harder climb in the snow. Though try the path on the other side of the river about 100 yards up you will be able to drop down by the river follow this trail to a bridge and cross. Snow shoes will be good here or do it my way and plow through the snow have fun and get to the falls. I would love to see your pictures.

2. Doughnut falls. Up Big Cottonwood, this place is easy to find its a very popular place for people to take photos and explore parts of mother earth. A really good hike for the family in the summer. Though in the winter well now you have a adventure. Trek through the snow and make it to doughnut falls there you will love the silence of nature and the prestige sights of some of the best ice sculptures nature has to offer.

3. Yellow Fork canyon. Nestled on the hills of Herriman, Utah. This place has its beauty. Taking the trail in the summer has its stunning views. Though in the Winter the serine beauty, the mule deer and elk are low and usually in sight. Take the trail up for about a half mile and cut across and trek some snow to the cliffs on the right side. Be careful, though allot of times you would be able to see wildlife and sweet hanging ice from this cliff.

4. Grove Creek trailhead. Located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. This is a great trail all year round. It's a little famous, during the Forth of July one of the biggest American flags fly over this canyon. during the winter follow the trail to the waterfall its stunning ice capades will take you away. There is a bench up near the falls. For a more extreme hike continue on past the falls. If you get high enough snow gets deep there are plenty of sweet spots and in the summer the sheep herders spring is a beautiful place to rest. Though in the winter there are great pictures to take. Be aware that's Mt. Timpanogos there. Avalanche danger is possible.

5. Farmington canyon trailhead. Another amazing place for the view's. located in Farmington, Utah. take this trail to the falls all year long the winter is amazing. Your pictures will be stunning. the trail is a medium range trail though if you get high enough in the winter you will be pushing the powder. The deer are mostly out moving around so grab some snap shots of them too.

Have fun be safe and Adventure on

Thank you: Scruff

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