One Crazy Adventure

Well there I was! sitting on the edge of this cliff amazed and in awe about how I got here.

Anyway it was mid summer, I was 24 years old and me and my good friend Randy decided we are going on a hike. Though not any hike! see we have been eyeing this cliff up Grove Creek trailhead and we wanted to free climb it. Free climbing is dangerous if you don't know what you are doing even then it still is. So on this day we met in the morning and packed our supplies. Including the Jim beam. Well everything started out well we hiked to the bottom of the cliff. Though in it's self was a good hike. We got to the bottom and hey bottoms up took our first shot to get us going.

This cliff we climbed that day was around 170ft. When we scouted this cliff we noticed a ledge running down the center around 80ft up. We would have to climb up to that landing traverse to the other side of the cliff to finish our climb. Starting on the left side we started our climb, which was a little tricky here and there. We got to the ledge it was a 2ft landing. When we got there we decided to rest and have ourselves another drink. We drank a few beers and a couple shots laughing and checking out the sights from here.

After about a hour of sitting there shooting the breeze and having a good time we stood up and grabbed our packs. we traversed around for about 65ft then we came to a gap in the ledge. It was about 15ft across and the next ledge over was 5ft lower than where we were. we talked about it for a few and Randy decided he will scale the side of the cliff and get over to the ledge. well I watched him scale it and get over there. Though as I stood on this ledge looking down 80ft plus the slide down to hell. Something came over me.

I looked at Randy and said " I am going to jump this." His face and the shock in is voice saying " the hell you are" was astounding. Though I got serous and said no I am going to jump this gap. well if you remember its a 2ft ledge on either side so I would need to land just perfect. Well Randy wasn't having it he was standing on the other side tell me he will catch me and I kept telling him to move back. He never did. So I took a deep breath stepped back a few paces and well I think I flew that day. I hit the edge of the ledge just right and leaped for it. Going right over Randy's head I hit the ledge tip toed a few steps grabbed a rock and Randy grabbed my pack. coming to a stop and looking down, taking a deep breath I let out one of the biggest screams I ever have.

Well needless to say we set on that side of the cliff. I remember just sitting there in silence staring down 80ft and looking at the bottom thinking what the hell did I just do. Yes my adrenaline was pumping. well after a few more drinks and high fives and glad I am alive kind moments we began the rest of the climb. Making it the top and cutting over to the base of the G mountain. We laughed and headed down. Now that was one Crazy Adventure.

Adventure on and thank you:


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